deep distance, great pop supplement and polytechnic youth happenings….

Relief in the Sunday Experience moderately warm and free from frost shed early this morning when we managed to secure one of the final copies of the latest Polytechnic Youth release by Mitra Mitra, there would have been glum faces around the Christmas tree log had that gone astray I can tell you – those with goldfish memories wondering what the hell we are going on about might like to go here

while those of you who just plainly ignored it in the first place, well let us not say no more about while we scribble your names down on our watch list. Any the folk at polytechnic youth are readying a new full length by the listening center who sound like this –

and where mentioned here as far back as

– anyhow no links for us to hear just yet – but its due January time and were told it’s a lot more ‘stripped down and minimal’ this time around. Added to that there are planned outings for Dean and Brita and Saddar bazaar due soon on Great Pop Supplement – word has it that the opening track on the Saddar album is’ worthy of the entrance fee alone’. Also imminent is a planned superb set from rhododendron on deep distance which having heard a sneak preview we can tell you is going to be up their vying for early affection with those chemistry set and the assembled minds outings (reviews for both incoming) with the lead out – as yet untitled cut of the preview proving to be a motorik murmurring kosmick psychedelic head popper of some measure that shoehorns elements of fuxa, slipstream and sonic boom into a gloriously mind melting astral arabesque carpet ride. More nearer the date of release and well we’ll round off this ‘shape of things to come’ moment with an old favourite from the polytechnic youth vaults……

<p><a href=”″>Je Suis Marxiste by Groupuscule</a> from <a href=”″>Polytechnic Youth</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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