You might well recall us mentioning the first of these previewed sets earlier in the year, I’m fairly certain we promised to follow it in more detail at the time but where somewhat derailed by moving at the time. Anyhow here’s another little excerpt showcase from that excellent Raphalite / Gerpfast Kolektif dream pop compilation ‘revolution – the shoegaze revival’ which includes a plethora of hazily dazed dandies including sounds of sputnik featuring ummagma and the very Teenage Fanclub-esque Maydear.

We mention all this not because we are on commission or get sent loads and loads of fab records from the other side of the world – incidentally we do not more’s the pity but because we’ve tripped over a shed load of mix tapes / compilations heading out of Asia – a territory so obvious in their adoring of all things lovelorn and fuzzy – not least the entire ‘revolution’ set included across three video sound links…..which you can find here……time constraints mean that at the moment we haven’t had a real chance to sample the delights though from what we have heard – trementina are certainly worth an earful blending My Bloody Valentine hazes with 60’s shimmered girl pop – albeit as though rephrased through a jesus and mary chain pedal effect courtesy of the quite perfect ‘hazy youth’….while from set 2 clustersun’s ‘hipgnosis’ has something of the Depeche Mode meets comsat angels about its wares……


next up, this tasty little Indonesian dream pop mix tape features a cornucopia of acts that have yet to trouble these pages here you’ll find the aptly named bleary eyes whose ‘unrequited’ is caressed with such crestfallen ardour that you might require hankies as a listening accessory. Somewhere else there’s cherrybombshell who do a neat line in shimmer toned shy eyed pop that on the evidence of ‘’kacewa’ freefalls with affection into territories once patrolled by the Sundays. No prizes for guessing that strawberry wine are starry eyed fully paid members of the my bloody valentine fan club for ‘taste me’ is kissed with a classic late 80’s Creation etching. lurking on the heavier end of the shoegaze spectrum post rock psychedelicists Damascus turn in a mammoth slab of white out groove courtesy of a demo cut entitled ‘slightest’ while those preferring their listening space cuddled in a dreamy fluttering may find themselves cosy toed by the affectionate purr of jellybelly’s ‘chagrin and the miserable autumn’. Personally we here are quite adoring of poptart’s ‘silensium’ with its mellowing slo-mo psychedelic furs-esque siren sighed rapture. All said favoured moments of the set is the sweetly faraway flutter by that is Seaside’s ‘giggle and blush’ and skylab’s exquisitely genteel hymnal romance ‘andromeda’ with the former having something of a Dubstar glint about their wares and the latter the ghosted in softly thawed lunar whispers.  

And many thanks to the kind soul who posted this, a compilation literally oozing in the finest sugar swirled shoe gaze that Asia has to offer. Entitled ‘half dreaming’ – this set was apparently sneaked out in 2008 on the Quince imprint and gathers together 16 of the finest exponents of dream pop from the East. Of course we’d love to spend more time and feel almost crushed for not giving a mention to everything here because seriously there’s not a duff cut in sight. However cherry pick we must for amid these grooves the vapour bliss kiss of Burrrn’s ‘song without words’ comes sugar rushed in summery 60’s femme pop shimmers all bleached in haloes of fuzz, somewhere else the softly twinkle set purr of perfect angel’s celestial visitation ‘cataclysmic’ arrives spirited upon desire laden astral glides while hideka’s ‘echoes’ aside being adorned in all manner of smoky sitar snake winds sounds not unlike a shyly playful Melys playing peek-a-boo. Also worth peaking at is Witherspoon’s bruising and beautiful murmured folk enchantment spectral ‘tingles and everything’ while talking of spectral, well they don’t get more minimal than Cryv’s ‘April and you, March and I’ – a bit of a pop rocket buried beneath a lo-fi productive haze which craftily manages to subtly draw the invisible dots between and another sunny day and ultra vivid scene.  

I’m suspecting we are a little late arriving at the party for this, the much sought after ‘Crystallize’ from Tokyo Shoegaze. Originally issued in 2011 this short, sharp and succinctly straight to point slab of dream drenched white out manages to mainline on a delirious ear candy serving of My Bloody Valentine in all their personas nibbling curtly at their early career noise pop fractures right through to the bliss kissed ‘loveless’ era with much gusto and aplomb, in its finite 39 minute shelling moments of feedback fuzzed oblivion such as is the case on opener ‘299 addiction’ fall headlong into lovelorn raptures as yearned forth on the adoring purr of ‘bright’ . Elsewhere there’s the siren-esque dimpled ‘waltz Matilda’ whose measured mellowing detailing and momentary eruptive surges had us much recalling the sadly missed Workhouse in terms of craft, poise and patience while the ethereal flutterby that is ‘free’ is we suspect wrapped, bowed and sent from somewhere high above the heavens leaving parting shot, the tenderly turned ‘back to my place’ to shimmer seductively in all its twinkling shy eyed willowy romance.  

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