ugly animal

I’ve mislaid the pre-amble that came introducing this but I’m certain it mentioned that it was a solo outing by Foolproof Projects head weird ear Andy Pyne here masquerading as Ugly Animal, this being ‘melting horizon’ culled from a January planned full length debut ‘panic button’. Trimmed in minimalist electro swathes, ’melting horizon’ is so trademark foolproof project product,  typically off the dial picking away at old generic templates to create new sonic hybrids, this I guess, you could, if so optimistically inclined, view as freeform jazz scalped no wave while the more pessimistic of the parish would be furiously scratching around trying to frantically lay your hands upon lost salvos by the likes of this heat and brand x while stretching as far as the outer spheres of classic era PIL – whichever camp you happen to fall there’s no doubting that this is a hulking monolith pressed in chilling foreboding and much cultured in the ways of a late 70’s post punk scene dulled and grimed in bleakly ominous future telling.

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