burger records holiday mix 2015

Ah Christmas, don’t you just love it, contrived TV, crap films on the flicks – this year’s being the typically unseasonal heap of naffness that is Stars Wars and the dreaded Christmas song. The Christmas song first appeared 6 months before lil ol’ Jesus was born proving that the advertisers were  a savvy lot even back then, no doubt sung by Clifford Richard because lets face  it he’s been around forever and we’re none to blessed for the fact. These days the whole Christmas record market and chart has been hijacked by what can only be best described as karaoke from hell, the twisted crystallising of Warhol’s infamous 5 minutes of fame hawked around by TV networks descending upon right minded folk a fear of Saturday night telly and a loathing for formulaic pop trash. But let us not dwell on the horrors brought to bear by Cowell and the likes for we have by our side a seasonally adorned doll made in the blighters likeness which on occasion we jab with very sharp needles. I’m thinking those  dudes over at Burger are similarly minded for they’ve gathered up a seasonal smorgasbord of Santa shimmering sing-a-longs courtesy of a humungous 5 and a half hour – yes you read right – a five and a half hour holiday mix tape featuring reputedly 124 tracks though ours only grumbling cues up 92 of the blighters. A tree gathering parade of artists you’ve probably have heard and adore some perhaps not so, though with a little nudging you may well, all in hearty spirit and belting out covers and originals alike with much gusto and merriment. But where to begin poses a problem, perhaps it seems about right that we should start our snowy sonic soiree by mentioning the two most popular cuts here – based of course on the listening stats, the honour of which in terms of affection appearing to go to Elephant Stone whose ‘christmas time (is here again)’ is a sitar shimmered soft psych smoker replete with tripping Santa’s and Beach Boys-esque harmonies. Following a short distance in the listening loves is Cassie Ramone’s ‘run Rudolph run’ – this sepia trimmed lovely is gauzed in a dreamy 50’s vintage all ghosted in the floaty ethereal willowyness of a youthful Animal Collective. Also eyed here, psyche alchemist Jacco Gardner visits upon us with ‘magic of the cold’ – a gorgeous lounge sentimental frosted in a hyper gliding magicalia of snow globed lullaby lilts not unlike, it has to be said, those etched out by the palace of swords all trimmed and decorated in ‘the box of delights’ murmur tones. Sounding like a familiar echo harking back to those much prized releases once upon a time issued out of the filthy little angels bedroom, the much loved around here, wax witches impishly arrive with ‘santa’s on the drugs, he’s got the xmas buzz’ – a slightly muted and sparsely cooled take on the Raincoats which does it for us while in sharp contrast the Hollyberries go full on hip shimmying and Spector-esque with the ever so cute ‘(I wanna go) surfin’ with Santa’. One of many personal picks is the smokily dinked ‘snowflakes fall’ by Juniper Rising which unless our ears do deceive is kissed with a Nancy Sinatra-ish demur beneath which the lolloping drift of a 50’s styled Cash shuffle smoulders. Also up there in the affection stakes is ‘regina caeli’ from the three o’clock – this babe coming curtsying in adoring hymnal chorals and the kind of glam psych wiring that admirers of mirror, mirror will do well to get their lobes around. Elsewhere those of you ever found wanting to wake up on a Christmas morning to hear the sounds of some Fuzztones meets the Mummies happening might well fancy Marshmallow Overcoat’s garage greeting ‘santa fuzz’ while there’s power punk a frolics aplenty gouging the grooves of blag dahlia’s ‘drinking up christmas’. Of course some of you may prefer some tinsel toned transcendentalism in which case Sitar outreach ministry’s lazy eyed Fahey-esque ‘rudolph’  should do pretty neatly. Also included here are the muffs with some nifty 50’s rock-a-hula ‘nothing for me’ and the mellow and lazy eyed ‘what is winter good for’ by the sudden death of stars found here sounding strangely like a super chilled Superimposers. Somewhere else more sepia bowed beauties comes in the shape of Idiot Glee’s re-telling of the immortal ‘white Christmas’ – this one arriving adorned in all manner of hazily glazed sleepy head steel opines while spruced up in Raspberries-esque motifs pizza time swagger in with ‘tu regalo’. Been way too long since dressy bessy invaded our listening space, nice to see the passing years have not diminished their craft in turning out tinglesome and tasty morsels of ear candy loveliness as ‘all the right reasons’ so ably provides evidence of.  Those fancying a spot of three chord day-glo pop gruffness might be minded to park your sleigh somewhere by Hard Left’s ‘skinheads home for christmas’ a kind a seasonal slam dance around the wobbly tree by an assortment of Serious Drinking, Leatherface and Rezillos types. If 8bit wonky pop is your bag then jib kidder’s weirdly wonderfully warped ‘jingle bells’ might just fit the bill and distractively attract the odd passing listener. And be honest did you really think we’d part without mentioning an appearance by the cleaners from venus, here courtesy of the affectionate Alan Price-esque ‘cymbeline way’. And while R Stevie Moore’s shambling and slightly off road and rambling ‘santa claus on a cross’ might well on any given day be opted as the favourite moment here the honour instead goes to Shannon and the Clams’ acutely purred and lovelorn 50’s bubble groove ‘fat daddy’. https://soundcloud.com/burgerrecords/sets/burger-records-holiday-mix





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