oddbox favourites of 2015

On any ordinary day we’d have happily doodled oodles about the merits and keynote highs and lows of a two and a half hour podcast / mix tape but alas time constraints and a grumbling pile of releases and tracks that eye me eagerly waiting for a ear turn make it an unfeasible request / mission, which is a shame really because Odd Box’s best of 50 of the year reads in some respects like a much missed Peel festive 50 but without the annual occurrences of the Fall or the Wedding Present. Casting an eye on the list we did note selections from flying saucer attack, evans the death, ghostpoet, fever dream and sauna youth not to mention the inclusion of the manhattan love suicides who we thought had parted company many years ago to much sadness here. All said from what we’ve heard thus far, sitting pretty among all the fuzzy fizzing riffola you’ll encounter the near perfect and pristinely purred eerie summer who if I recall rightly we mentioned a little while back when they appeared on the box bedroom rebels imprint – who we will do our damnedest to feature in more detail having previously forgotten in all the excitement of last August. Anyhow this nugget is called ‘weird around you’ is your dogs danders love note hymn for all those of you suffering at the hands of shyness, you know those moments when your speaking to someone you adore from afar and it’s as though some imp has switched your bonce for the stupid head – been there and its painful, anyway this is gorgeous to the maximum all steeled in shade adorned 60’s shimmer kisses, look just listen to the blighter, third track in just after flying saucer attack and before two white cranes.  https://throwthedogabone.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/podcast-favourites-of-2015/


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