wolf girl

Staying with oddbox records just a moment longer, the label are now taking pre-orders for the Wolf Girl full length platter ‘we tried’, due to cause frantic squabbling at the coolest record emporium counters this coming spring, the album comes pressed on a strictly limited wax – 300 in total – first 100 on yellow the rest on your trademark bog standard black. Of course its not the first time this punk pop pups have featured in these pages, much adored was their limited cassette outing on Soft Power way back last year going by the name ‘mama’s boy’. Serving as a teaser treat for the new platter ‘deep sea diver’ is one of those slow to burn cuties that’s carved in a sonic image much recalling the Shop Assistants, all spidery Fall-esque riffola bedded upon crookedly angular C-86 motifs which gather density and depth to assume a razor sharpening itching and infectious indie buzz towards its finale of the kind which frankly even Helen Love would admire with ever green envy. http://oddboxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/we-tried

We Tried cover art


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