vital weekly #1013

Okay not that we are making excuses or any of the sort, but you might have to forgive our ears on this one for we’ve kinda lost our hearing momentarily and everything is sounding – rather annoying – as though its being played under water. But afflictions aside, current issue of the essential Vital Weekly is out and about, well I say issue, it seems they’ve dispensed with the old school reading booklets that they used to publish and send out and now – for want of a better word or phrase – reach out via a craftily cobbled together podcast, upon whose grooves you get to delight in the must have releases heading record emporium way shortly. One such release featured on #1013 is the very early 80’s inspired ‘playground’ by sad parade who do a pretty neat re-take on Magazine although here spiked a tad by Scouse angular posters Ellery Bop. Astrowind in sharp contrast serve up some slow to thaw astral ambience courtesy of the delicately dinked ‘kerosene seller’ which if anything out to have the radars of those admirers of early kranky releases buzzing frantically. Astrowind  appear again a little later with the readily more animated ‘kedr’ and into the bargain serve notice of their monolithic cosmic credentials – think Aiden Baker. Similarly dreamy though opting for more celestial climes are Moloch whose ‘abstraktor wald 7’ is trimmed in a tear stained yearn that frankly you might feel advised gto sitt with hankies to hand. Arsene and Cisak and Oleksinski’s ‘3’ on the other hand appears to have clawed its way from the very depths of a bleak and forbidding dark Father Murphy psyche  while there appears to be something off split personality afflicting mindvoid’s ‘yikilmayan adam’ as it lurches from edginess to disturbia. Now if my struggling hearing has it right then old man of the desert’s ‘a wolf’ – perhaps or favourite moment here –  has something of Mountain about its wares, though that’lll be Mountain recaliberated by Van der Graaf Generator no less.  While riding matters out to the end grooves are low cave sounds who if we didn’t know any better are obviously fans of Louis and Bebe Barron and why not I ask.

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