guitarphil7 and tante meli

word reaches us from afar, well facebook as it happens given we are currently quarantined from the outside world whilst labouring not only with hearing issues but both tooth and headaches making it a  full set in the unholy trinity of annoying ailments. Still we eyed a little posting from moon dust, the gist of which was alerting us to the fact that he is planning a new release for the new year, tomorrow if I recall rightly, entitled ‘new year’s day’. Hopefully not the U2 version we hasten to add. Also there was mention of collaborations afoot, the details of which we’ve foolishly mislaid but can with a deal of certainty recall one of the chosen conspirators as being Tante Meli whose sound cloud page has recently burst into life with postings aplenty with this one catching our ear. ‘Cosmic dawn’ features a recently reworked remix between Tante Meli – Melanie Schieffer and Guitarphil7 – Phil Currie – a gorgeously floaty dream weaving astral ride softly seduced in lunar wisps and murmur toned love notes which together caress and coalesce like some divine transcendental space spiritual.

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