in the cities of your eyes

again another release where for the life of me I can’t recall where exactly or from who this came recommended. This comes issued by, as far as we can tell, a new Greek imprint by the name in the cities of your eyes, a compilation cobbled together from which proceeds generated therein are going to charities offering assistance to refugees. Anyhow as per usual we’ve scarcely had time to sample its fullest charms though can say it features a gathering of talents currently occupying the experimental / ambient / drone and out there margins of the sonic spectrum all shoehorned into a 23 track groove space. Time restraints aside we did immediately veer towards three of their number, first of which the much admired Edward Ka-Spel chips in with ‘the ministry of disinformation’ – a slice of darkly woven dystopian shadow play, typically ghosted in shadings of Barrett-esque psych unravelling whilst oozed and bleached in clawing and gnawing paranoia the type of which finds it looms ever watchful on a axis with ‘1984’ at one end and ‘V for Vendetta’ at t’other. Also spied on the track listing a superb slice of haunting noir beauty from the Hare and the Moon found here in cahoots with Alaska for ‘black shores’. This shimmering visitation, a ghost light of desire, softly emerges as though a mysterious Siren looming from the twilight enchantment spell crafting love charms to assume an ethereal sonic nether space sitting somewhere between dead can dance and this mortal coil. Book of shadows you’ll find bolstering up the rear end of the grooves, an eerie 16 minute titan, ‘peace star’ is frankly a dark star beauty uttered in archaic tongues, a distant cousin of Nico’s ‘frozen warnings’ here as though fed through some ghostly (p)séance happening by Laurie Anderson and emitting woozy mind wiping psychotropic pulse primed spirituals from some secret cosmic hide away.


In the cities of your eyes cover art

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