now I fear that we could be unwittingly opening up a new species of feline freak pop by posting this, however undeterred we did happen across this little nugget earlier today and thought it might be worth a share. Posted by James Hamilton, this would you believe is the work of his recently departed cat Muff of whom was oft on hand with critical support and additional ideas taking up residence alongside Mr Hamilton during those solitary hours cobbling out sonic compositions with one such session getting so terse and strained that Muff felt compelled to apply his so far unrealised talents to traipse across the abandoned Hammond organ and dabble in a spot of tensely tuned fear evoking prowling b-movie styled horrorphonia. With  this in mind we’ve taken to introducing our own feline buddy Dylan to the joys of the Harmonica with thus far little taking though judging by his want for scratching at quicksilver pace anything with fur on it that sits still for more than a minute we are at present knitting furry tassles on the house banjo in the hope that a similarly untapped artistic streak awaits awakening. Anyway for now the joys of Muff’s ‘extreme music for cats’ can be found here…..


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