karl bartos

The pop brain behind the hive collective that was Kraftwerk, there’s no arguing that Karl Bartos was the tuneful McCartney one occupying a place in Dusseldorf’s finest during their most creatively ground breaking period, his melodic ear and hand diluting the servile future world chill of the machine men’s cold war austereness, 2013’s bureau b released ‘off the record’ provided testament enough of his shape shifting deftness for a crafty pop hook. Before that though there was ‘communication’ a lost release overshadowed and out raced by being pitted against the ‘tour de France’ soundtrack released by his former charges at the same time and unfairly handicapped by a lack of promotion at the time. Now re-modelled, re-mastered and bolstered by the appearance of a previously unreleased cut, this lost nugget is due to resurface via trocadero with ‘life’ being sent ahead as a limited 7 inch pressed scouting herald and into the bargain oozing of melodic electro  pop kudos  and sounding not unlike a mid 80’s classic era New Order with a touch of the B-Movie’s.



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