we have had problems aplenty in trying to hook our ears around this un, windows player devices freezing, sleeping and then just plain refusing to play, all said such churlish hurdles strewn in our path do little to deter our determination especially when the sounds hint of such liberated beauty. Latest lovely listening treat from the castles in space imprint – who may actually one day get around to sending us actual records –  finds black channels’ Simon heading up the mixing and producing duties on a cut that may well be called ‘4 in vuh’ or rather more could well be the name of the ensemble / alter ego – as always with these releases the information is still in its infancy stage. one thing is for certain though an album is looming, plenty of vocoder on it we are promised though slightly noted for its absence on this particular cut which as the title / name hints distantly skirts around the high brow classicism of Popol Vuh albeit that’ll be Popol Vuh as rephrased by La Dusseldorf with the baton passed down the line for a spot of redefining and re-envisaging through the ears of both fort dax and magnetophone. A cantering sweetie, undulating pastoral lines and the deft intricacy of a subtle shimmer toning adore this gem with a sweetly arresting lights lowered svelte sophistication whose romantic pulsars and soft dream draped ebbing and flowing contours take on a super chilled vibrancy that imagines a gathering of free school, the art of the mind palace and warm digits types collectively camped out in an afterhours studio setting swapping love notes. Alas no sound clips just yet – goes without saying we are furious twisting arms.    

Additional note – the band are called the correlations – the track – ‘4 in Vuh’ – the album is ‘before the heat’ – the label is castles in space. 

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