the inconsistent jukebox

Trust inconsistent jukebox to cobble up by far the best of the Bowie tributes we’ve heard thus far, ‘white duke’ comes littered aplenty in samples and references though I’m sure Major Tom would admire the fact that this zonked out sub seven minute salvo arrives from a distant place out of the blue to smoke with the kind of freakish finery of the great man’s most out there period falling headlong into terrains that dislocate, trip and fracture from the fault lines of ‘the lodger’ and the Kurt Weill influenced / obsessed  ‘Baal’ and Moon of Alabama’ period with just a hint of hint of ‘Diamond Dogs’ for added unhinging.


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1 Response to the inconsistent jukebox

  1. barrysnaith says:

    Thank you so much, Mark. I’m flattered. You’ve described it so well! That’s what I was going for. The stomping piano march was from Gene Berlin’s ‘September’ and I thought was perfect for Bowie’s period in Germany. A great review and a great surprise too.

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