the assistant

I’m not convinced that we’ve fully overcome the gremlins and glitches that are blighting our listening experience of Polytechnic Youth’s latest salvo but hey ho we’ll press ahead with mentioning it anyway which despite it playing faults still looks quite desirably splendid to just look at. Now it’s not As though we’ve just given up the ghost through lack of patience, we have actually tried running this on four – yes you read right – four different turntables, three of which just plain refuse to play it with the fourth – would you believe a cheap knock around portable turntable you plug into the PC / Telly etc…- at least showing willing but still proving a tad contrary in offering up the delights within. Anyhow 125 of these are about, pressed up on thick hand crafted label less lathe vinyl in a 5 inch variant replete with oodles of inserts, alas no information on the Assistant, the story goes that Polytechnic Towers received a mysterious package containing master tapes of three cuts that sound as though they’d been rescued from some lost Radiophonic / testcard treasure trove which from what we’ve briefly manage to salvage by way of a brief peak of lead cut ‘ways of seeing’ sounds not unlike a gloriously minimalist analogue carousel piloted by Ghost Box’s Belbury Poly. Rest assured we will pester for sound links and return with full reviews.

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