tara experiment

We’ve been beset by gremlins aplenty these last few days, aside the ridiculous unwanted feature or having chrome crashing every three seconds, our windows media player started closing itself down making it nigh on impossible to listen to WAV / Zip files. No worries we thought, we’ll consult the forums and came across a – so we thought – a curing fix for the issues via Microsoft which when we ran it managed to disable our Word files making them inaccessible. Getting better by the minute or not as the case may be. In a final act of stroppiness we ended downloading Windows 10 which has been annoyingly greeting us at regular intervals asking if we wanted to try, and well, our mind set was at this point – what’s the worst that can happen, so in for a penny we tightly shut our eyes, prayed, finger crossed and clicked download. Takes an age to download, I have five o’clock shadow at 3am in the morning, but happy to say its cured the ills and into the bargain got rid of Windows 8 which for all its niggling faults we were actually growing accustomed to. So with in mind – finally back to the sounds, shed loads to get through one of which is this one…..

Sneaked through in the final weeks of December, the much admired Tara Experiment’s latest opus has been getting an admiring earfuls here, ‘what the sky listens to’ might be realistically best described as a collection of binary chatter undertaken by your electronic devices when its user is all a kip, a playfully, sometimes kookily odd other times eerily detached sonic playground whose landscape is littered in ghostly echoes that veer between lost Radiophonic Workshop dialogues and would be surveillance recordings culled from your laptop scanning your sleeping mind for forgotten and buried memories only to twist them into minimalist melodic mausoleum which on the oblique and quietly distracting ‘the strangers’  almost offers a reversing darkening reflection of the Assembled Minds’ creaking haze’ set. Elsewhere ‘the flat earth’ is pure ghost box-ian groove as were fed through the isolationist chamber of a youthful Clock Dva while the tripping void space that is ‘project 13’ has you entering into the very heart of the nerve centres consciousness of cyberspaces hive mind and dare we forget to mention ‘in the before time’ a wonderfully whirring carousel of pure kosmiche vintage. http://thetaraexperiment.bandcamp.com/album/what-the-sky-listens-to

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