benji hughes

Now we were initially minded to give this a wide berth, I think it was the title that kind of put us off, us thinking it was going to be pure pop tat. But hang on, what’s the worst that can happen, we clicked the video link, fearing the worst and gave it a stray listen. Well wow, truth is it’s the kind of pure pop tat that we here love. Heading out of Merge records shortly this strangely becoming slice of cool cold waving minimalist groove replete with kookily surrealist video is by Benji Hughes, tis called ‘girls love shoes’ and comes prized from a full length set entitled ‘songs in the key of animals’. Again another cut that appears to have its head space fried and fused somewhere in the 70’s, best described as a ridiculously addictive west coast soft psych funked up post punk,Dadaist discotheque darling which manages all at once to tie up the once thought disparate sound spectrums where loiter and lurk the likes of 10cc, beach boys, cobra killer, flaming lips, gary Wilson and Cornelius and morph them into a hugely tripping slo-mo dream hazed mirror ball.

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