the assistant

and here’s that rogue release from polytechnic youth that you may recall was giving us a fair amount of – shall we settle for – technicals – the other day, indeed it’s been a strange week with all our technologies somewhat conspiring against us what with the issues laptop glitches the day before. Anyway to recap matters this is the latest polytechnic youth outing, by the Assistant, a three track lovely pressed on thick – almost door step like – slabs of wax in a 5 – inch variation – no labels, plenty of inserts, a cute looking blighter hand numbered in an edition of 125 upon whose grooves sit three fondly smitten melodic idents which for those of certain vintage will have you swiftly transported back to a silver age of sound wherein craft show interludes and Open University broadcasts, usually of the Mathematics variety as I recall, where charmed by a chirping and daintily dinked future pop strangeness as is the case revealed by lead out track ‘ways of seeing’, a gorgeously wistful and impishly minimalist monochrome musical mosaic whose prettified pastoral portrait is found preciously pressed on a Belbury Poly like orbital carousel,. Over on the flip ‘peg doll ballet’ is what it says on the tin lid, a wonderfully woozy and acutely cute clock worked pirouetting waltz which should find admirers among the Resource Centre loving community while the parting ‘opta carrot and the spider’ is – well – pure John Baker radiophonic goonery – nothing more, nothing less to say, other than essential time capsule turntable groove. 

future polytechnics should see albums by the listening centre and a catalogue compilation collection heading the way of the coolest turntables in the forthcoming weeks..  


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