le super homard

This is up there with that rather spiffing Lake Ruth single (see earlier), a forthcoming treasure from the mighty mega dodo imprint due at the end of March wherein when it appears it’ll come adorned on 10 inches of white wax. We’ve momentarily lost the press release so the promised oodles of information might have to wait a little, but this is Le Super Homard and the ‘maple key’, an instantaneous rush to senses all at once showering your listening space in euphoric twinkles, its sunny 60’s lines literally beaming soft psych floral psych effervescences whilst adored in a crystalline craft that’s dreamily hazed  in cool seduction, sound wise imagine a trip-a-delic picnic gathering of Broadcast, Remington Super 60, fugu, beautify junkyards, Double Francoise and Free Design types, essential then.


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