moon wiring club

Much like Melmoth the Wanderer, Moon Wiring Club take you gently by the hand, guiding you down lost paths and into forgotten spaces, yet while the former concerns with night tremors and secret worlds appearing after witching hours when daylight yawns, MWC’s sonic worlds are dreaming dissipates fusing broken memories and misfiled received information. Crooked and eerie the hour long ‘wrap up warm’ mix is a dusty gathering of child hood memories and a pre internet Britain weary of change and riddled in the old ways not to mention custom and arcane beliefs, imagine if you will Chris Morris’ ‘blue jam’ sets overseen by the Man in Black, contrast that with Melmoth’s headed up by Poe / Lovecraft – and that’s before we’ve even had time to turn our minds to the back dropping sounds – some nuggets here headed up Vivian Vee’s ‘blue disease’ and 23 skidoo’s forgotten ‘Mary’s operation’ – perhaps a long overdue re-appraisal is due for both.

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