musical interlude…found sounds….season 2:3 ‘the top of the pops compilation’..

Musical interlude – found sounds – season 2:3 ‘Top of the Pops covers’

Much derided for ever, is it time to take pity on those compilation albums found stuffed at the back of boxes in the local thrift shops staring up unloved hopeful of rescue to a loving home. We are of course talking about the celebrated Top of the Pops albums issued throughout the 70’s, you know the ones adorned in covers of skimpily clad ladies and sold in newsagents at the kind of bargain prices that many unsuspecting felt obliged – nay – compelled – to take a punt on only to return home and feel they’d been swizzed upon hearing some tone deaf back room employee hammering out ‘I feel love’ badly on a bontempi organ that had clearly seen better days. But before you all get dismissive and snobbish, the Top of the Pops album are part of our psyche, much like the show, sure they are laughably kitsch-y and little more than painful karaoke experiences, but hey forget not that we live in an age of pop idol, the voice et al….touche. but there’s a hapless quality that prevails which for those who remember the days when supermarkets piped out oddly off putting versions of the day’s classics which aside distracting you from what you were putting in your shopping basket, had you fearful of the poor soul consigned to the naughty step, then there’s a nostalgic glow that stirs, not altogether good agreed, more likely on the radar of say rickets, german measles or star spangle-y tank tops. We only mention this because we happened across three cover versions which deserve a moment of your time, mind you they come with health warnings – the Jam totally misses the point in such a cutely innocent way, the Pistols cut – well let’s just advise that you re-introduce yourselves to the unjoy of ‘floggin a dead horse’ before you pass comment while most interesting of the unholy grail – a slightly twee version of tubeway army’s ‘are friends electric?’ (a medley featuring a strangely listenable take on ‘Cars’ – a version of ‘complex’ and ‘we are glass’) – I’ll leave it to you to decide then….    

Sex Pistols ‘pretty vacant’

Jam ‘going underground’

Gary numan ‘are friends electric?’/ ‘cars’

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