finders keepers – krautrock pod special

Now it goes without saying that the dudes over at Finders Keepers – that’ll be Messrs Mitchell, Shipton and Votel have a knack of consistently pulling out the stops when it comes to cobbling out playlists that adorn their podcasts, but quite frankly the latest might well rise the bar considerably for future transmissions to follow. Their finest to date, a krautrock special – two hours of motoric murmurs all typically detuned by appearances of the quirky, the classy, the eclectic and the bizarre, abridged by studio conversation and oozing in kosmiche kool, amid the grooves for your listening pleasure several appearances in varying forms of Dave Tyack, Amon, Cluster, jc heavy, I drive, vampires of Dartmoor and more, plus a few eye brow raising surprises – like for instance, is that really Bureau B’s Pyrolator doing all manner of trippy goofiness at the 30 minute mark – we need to told which while you’re there we missed the title of the tasty ‘are friends electric’ meets Stereolab meets agents aren’t aeroplanes sortie. In addition, the trio are joined telephonically by Can’s Malcolm Mooney for an extended transatlantic chat whilst best moment of this extended head popping broadcast is the appearance at the beginning of,  as Andy Votel rightly notes, the finest of all kraut grooved ensembles, Embryo who if you’ve never heard or had the pleasure of – are perhaps best viewed as a collective continually responsible for pushing the envelope and reaching out beyond kosmiche / krautrock’s strict confines to offer a mutating melting pot of sound that incorporates everything from tropicalia, jazz to cosmic.

While with Finders Keepers there’s also a late call for their Christmas special which alas we initially missed in all the seasonal dithering, view it as an early call for the this year’s 2016 parting festivities –

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