the lemons

We can’t right now lay our hands on our prized cassette copy of this lots debut, which I’ll admit is a wee bit trying and annoying, the reason for the search being to check whether or not the newly chipped vinyl version via burger is indeed an expanded version of the tape or not. Anyhow grumbles aside this is the Lemons who the keen eyed train-spotters among you may well recall we mentioned on numerous occasions (to the point of annoyance I suspect) many moons ago, who attracted and wooed our lobes with their acutely infectious craft for kicking out lo-fi’d twee cutesy bubble grooved power pop at the drop of a hat much in the likeness of a youthful Olivia Tremor Control albeit found cobbling out Pooh Sticks homages for fun. As said the album is finally getting the full wax pressing treatment some on coloured vinyl – what’s to betting sherbet lemon – and a whole load more on bog standard black, ought to fly off the racks in nanoseconds though if you’re still sitting on the fence wondering what all the fuss is about here’s a little taster courtesy of the 50’s shoo bopping dizzily day-glowing darling that is ‘ice cream shop’.    

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