hard bodies

Stumbled, as you do, across this on the sound cloud page, strictly speaking following a wandering off and making a coffee moment whilst listening to a completely different track and leaving the playlist selection list running on its own accord. Now I understand that by posting this I’ll no doubt get a deluge of complaints from clever folk sniggering as how I’ve never heard this before and that it was their bedroom listening in 1978 as they watched rain drip through the ceiling whilst surviving on a tin of soup a week and making paper mache bomb shelters from copies of the red star in perceived advance of some cold war assault (in fact the more I play the more I’m suspecting it is a lost relic from yesteryear). Really you kids today don’t know how hard it was, agreed a persistent diet of reality TV and concerning yourself that your shoes match your hair are the teen woes that dreams are made of but hey nobody ever forced you to wear starry tank tops and cut your hair with a set rule so stand down. Anyway the cause of all this malcontent or should that be discontent is this little gem, a demo by Hard Bodies entitled ‘getaway’ whose ice cold sparsely wired post punk cold wave textures sound to these ears like a lost Passage recording under the influence of a seriously distant Joy Division and something we wager ought by rights to be on the radar of all those whose minimalist pop barometer swings minimally to the sparse sounds eked out by those polytechnic youth and weird imprint dudes. https://soundcloud.com/hard-bodies/getaway-demo

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