moon dust

As a famous film poster once ominous noted ‘in space no one can hear you scream’, teaming in life and potential, the beauty and sense of the unknown offered by space contrasts with its isolationism and stilled deathly silence, out in the void life and death perilously duel to preserve a finite balance, its size and enormity reduced to meaningless numbers that mere contemplation and consideration cannot begin to comprehend, an oceanic drift space with our planet a mere speck or sea like microbe. ‘uncharted worlds’ described by its author Moon Dust as a ‘kind of space opera of discovery and adventure’ perfectly encapsulates in sound form the many aforementioned facets, a genteel serene moment tempered at its outset in tension and anticipation, celestial waveforms usher forth a sense of mystery, beauty and forlorn fascination, the textures desire laden and colourful coalesce seductively forming heavenly harmonic haloes of tenderly teased transcendental orbitals, reference wise imagine a chill toned cruise controlling hyper craft traversing to the beyond piloted by a super mellowed Tangerine Dream.

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