steven hay

These days Wizards Tell Lies / the Revenant Sea can be found jointly overseeing the Arell imprint with Laica (Dave Fleet) who have just released their seventh outing in the shape of the quite divine ‘order of service 534’ by Steven Hay. In short 16 minutes of lulling perfection that pretty much defies easy or glib classification, certainly pulling from a sound spectrum where comparisons to yellow6, wil Bolton, david a jaycock are loosely called to mind in an instant, yet there’s something more to this delightful 16 – minute suite that reveals itself with each passing listen, amid its genuflecting lullaby arcs and rustic flurries there’s a genteel hymnal whispering where tiny ripples of euphoria briefly shine only to retreat to await their next call. The opening passages presage a softly thawing winter-esque yawn that hints of the stilled majesty of a mark 1 era Earlies, yet what makes this release such an essential listening experience is the way the varying sub-suites evolve seamlessly, the way it gathers in depth, detail and dimension with the onset of the playful lolloping rush rearing into view at the 5-minute mark and the way it dissipates back to its mistily cloaked twilight anchoring and the rustle of frosty murmurs only to emerge ever more resolute at the 11 minute mark with almost Vernon Elliott like craft albeit as though Mr Elliott where working to a post rock sound script with the rudimentary sparse basics of a tweaked metronome and a shuffling guitar strum before returning to rest to the sleepy headed fanfare of a sepia trimmed dream motif at the close. Quite something.


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