wizards tell lies

And did we just mention roadside picnic and the revenant sea, well the former should be appearing in these musings fairly soon with two releases via static caravan and 454545, while the latter in their Wizards Tell Lies guise appear on what is / was the last release from the quietly admired Jehu and Chinaman cassette only imprint – a compilation entitled ‘#003….and then a painless end’. We will rest assured be checking out the rest of the gathering in due course but for now the aforementioned Wizards Tell Lies who open the set with ‘Minotaur Falls’ and finds Mr Bower (here aided and abetted by John Lunny on sax duties) entering – sound wise – the temple of Muslim Gauze whilst simultaneously navigating sonic worlds more commonly associated with John 3:16 and aligning all to an atmospheric and deft constructive detailing that irrefutably tips a telling nod to Barry Adamson. Perhaps the most free sounding we’ve heard Bower in a long time with this expansive slab of arabesque grooving courting elements of industrial, kraut, noir, jazz, dub and psychotropia to create a hulking slice of hot swarthy head re-arranging aural hypnosis that teeters ever so subtly around the outer spheres of Embryo’s exceptional sound world. http://j-and-c.bandcamp.com/album/j-c-sampler-003-and-then-a-painless-end

J&C Sampler #003: ...and then a painless end. cover art

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