ipek gorgun

Alas no links on this just yet, rest assured we will work on her press folk imminently, but this is quite superb. By Istanbul based experimental electronic alchemist Ipek Gorgun taken from a forthcoming set entitled ‘aphelian’, we’ve been much taken by showcase cut ‘kairos’ – an exquisite exploration into the insular and oft isolated tonalities found amid the unchartered regions of sounds inner space, navigating an aural trajectory familiar to admirers of both Astral Social Club and a youthful Pimmon, Ms Gorgun cross wires elements of drone, noise and glitch into a deeply engaging mutant psychotropic suite whose detachment is both eerie and alluring. Here glassy timbres and the whirring shimmer of glitch bubbles stretch and contrast crafting out a subterranean alien landscape ghosted in oscillating metallic murmurs and shivering silvery bowed.  

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