Couldn’t resist giving a very brief mention to this, fear not we will be revisiting it in full in the coming days, however we were quite smitten by a track by Omaloma taken from a forthcoming compilation of Welsh folk, ambient, psychedelia sounds being put out by the Cae Gwyn imprint. Obviously taking a leaf out of the much missed book from which once upon a time sprouted the creatively adept Ankst Musik imprint, ‘swooshed’ is a gathering of ten like-minded souls currently navigating beneath the populist radar, familiar names such as Dann Amor and Gorky’s John Lawrence feature (last appeared in these pages as the excellent Infinity Chimps), however for now as said we’ve been somewhat taken by Omaloma’s cut ‘lutra’ which unless our ears do deceive teasingly traces around the more vintage crafted floral posies emanating from out of the admired Ghost Box imprint notably by Belbury Poly, its wistfully wind swept desolate romance chiming ever so subtly to the earlier outings put out by the much missed Stylus for Ochre a few years back.. more info via


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