more than human pod

And swiftly back with the more than human imprint, well sort of for transmitting out of Vancouver’s CITR you can grab a downloadable hour long podcast / radio soiree devilishly populated by some of the finest cool cuts heading out the melodic margins of trance, electronica, ambient and more besides. Hosted by Gareth Moses this head tripping journey into sound beyond features a plethora of happening sounds from the likes of Duke St. Workshop whose latest acclaimed Static Caravan platter has been mentioned briefly here in passing and should by rights be arriving shortly for full adoring critical assessment. Also featured are selections from Assembled Minds excellent ‘creaking haze’ full length – a release that been so loved and overly played to death here that we’ve thus far erroneously forgot to review in all the distracting affection our turntable has heaped upon it. Elsewhere admirers of the Alrealon Musique label might well be advised to get your lugs around pinch’s ‘no justice’ non least because it appears to be ploughing the same kind of hybrid glitch dub margins much evident on releases by black Saturn. Elsewhere we here are much taken by Daniel Avery’s ‘sensation’ – a nifty slice of hypnotronic mind wiping trance toned dream machine Dadaism if ever heard one. Also catching the ear lobes, not waving’s ‘no kill’ is possessed of a delightfully vintage grooving that would suggest it being a distant distress call from some far flung orbital outpost tapping out call sign welcome fanfares from out of vaguely warped locked grooved analogue echoes while kosmischer l?ufer’s quite alluring old school 50’s sci fi dazed theremin-esque ‘der traum des jungen’ is a beautifully beguiled slice of waltzing futurism seen through the eyes of yesterday – something which we suspect ought to lapped up by admirers of both fortdax and early career isan.  

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