cavern of anti-matter

Another release we here are expectantly looking forward to is the forthcoming Duophonic released set by the Cavern of Anti-Matter entitled ‘void beats / invocation trex’ – a collective headed up by ex Stereolab-er Tim Gane who across several ultra limited releases (last time featured in these pages courtesy of that spiffing twin set for the adored ghost box) have been populating the grooves with a minimalist old school hybrid dinked to the cross wiring vibes of the Radiophonic Workshop, vintage kooled kosmiche, 60’s lounge and dream dazed psychotropia. By way of a scouting reconnaissance trip ‘liquid gate’ has been leaked out to serve as a taster of what to expect from the six sided full length, featuring Bradfiord Cox applying the vocal duties, this two-minute slice of pure pop comes slyly dimpled in a luxuriously curvaceous funky kiss all adored upon a coolly smouldered retro 70’s soul psychotronic vibrancy with disco underpins which ought on first hand to appeal to a wider listening audience whilst satiating the old guard especially those much admiring of the Lab’s ‘margerine eclipse’.


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