Mentioned this lot, oooh ages ago, where were you. As said much adored around these parts was their ‘you’ track from a few years back, between then and now they kind of fell off our radar, perhaps to hibernate no doubt given their sound appears, one might assume, to be set in a fragile and frail hermetically sealed bubble. And then this. They are of course, to put you out of your teasing misery, Gidge – a Scandinavian duo no less who are about to release a new full length via Atomnation entitled ‘lulin’ from which has been sneaked out is an excerpt of the lead cut ‘hon’. In short immaculate, elegant and amorphous, trimmed to the thawing tenderness of No Ceremony, this hushed ice sculptured sweet heart emerges from a twilight fog as were like some stilled, statuesque ghostly apparition ushering and uttering a celestial love note all the time graced in a frosted perfection only previously encountered on a this mortal coil visitation.

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