new keepers of the water towers

As we write, we are downloading an advance copy of what, if the track we are currently listening to – ‘tachyon deep’ is anything to judge by, a frankly killer set in listening waiting, it’s the fourth album from Stockholm collective new keepers of the water towers. Entitled ‘infernal machine’ its described as a loose concept set inspired by the sci-fi novel ‘the forever war’ and features the aforementioned cut ‘tachyon deep’ – a beautifully crafted lunar odyssey freefalling sumptuously into the hallowed terrains of a youthful Porcupine Tree, preserved and purred in an intensely stricken classicism that doesn’t quite achieve critical meltdown turbulence, yet cleverly teeters with vivid detailing between the mystery, the unknown and the doomed, this gem embarks on a sonic trajectory that slow burns to gather in density its initial emissions whose woozy pastoral florets at the beginning come traced in the starry eyed opining vapour drift of a hulking Floydian head trip soon begin to fracture and fragment with glowering deft craft to jettison with stratospheric muscularity into the oceanic netherworlds of cinematic post rock. Alas no sound links for now though rest assured full mentions will transmit over the coming days.   

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