happy orange balloon

small apologies are due to happy orange balloon who for reasons best known only to our chaotic filing system, or lack of therein, sent over a little while ago, download links for a proposed forthcoming album which thus far has managed to avoid our usually dependable seek out and find radar seeing fit to ensconce said self in some secret corner on our hard drive. So while we rummage around in an attempt to re-join ourselves with said errant files here’s a little taster of what to expect. ‘hello?’ offers the more chillingly ominous and dare we say darkly daubed shadow casting side to the happy orange balloon psyche, a brooding slab of leviathanic doom draped hypno weaving drone toned ambience, a distant call sign emitting from the vast voids of deep space perhaps or maybe a skin tingling death touch choked in suspense and glooming portent, whatever the case its best viewed by our humbled reckoning from the relative safety afforded by the rear of the sofa. https://soundcloud.com/happyorangeballoon-happyorangeballoon/happyorangeballoon-hello

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