musical interlude – found sound and vision 9 – Kenneth Williams

Musical interlude – found sound and vision 9 – Kenneth Williams

Now at this point you might well be thinking….kenneth Williams – him from the carry on films – what’s he doing here and then questioning our judgement, but in the 60’s Mr Williams was known to wander perilously close to the censors ire whilst appearing in the anarchic ‘round the horne’ radio show, donning various guises aside it was rambling syd rumpo who perhaps revealed Messrs Took and Feldman as comedy writers of a rare pedigree pushing forth Williams into the spotlight bastardising distantly familiar folk follies tempered with double entendres aplenty….

In celebration of what would have been Mr Williams’ 90th birthday here’s a wee selection of saucy salvos by the great man…..

In addition Radio 4xtra broadcast a three hour special which features Syd Rumpo along with some classic Hancock and Round the Horne shows and a rare just a minute outing with Williams taking up the chairman role and pointedly going for Nicholas Parsons in a most hilarious way. However keep an ear out for the very darkly distressing ‘diary of a madman’ which finds Williams unravelling amid Gogol’s terrifying journey into madness.


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