psychotic sufferance

hours of fun, well minutes as it happens, 7 to be precise, hardly time to bop around the bijou confines of the kitchen as we multi tasked ourselves to death making coffee, having a quick cigarette and tapping our foot or should that be feet at the same time – ambidextrous see. Anyhow this spiteful slab of hit anything, anytime to whatever takes your fancy timing anger management salvo reared up on our player with the kind of impish poke you in the eye followed by the odd impromptu head butt that we here do occasionally thrill to. Now this is billed as a split between shit noise bastards and psychotic sufferance though I’m guessing that the former is in fact the label and the latter the actual tormentors of this spew goo primordial sludge, safe to say that where psychotic sufferance studiously lack in tact, finesse and playfulness they more than make up for with gusto in reigning all asunder a veritable feast of freeform, no wave, rule disregarding chaotic mayhem, a positive aural car crash of doom grooved white hot carnage that irresistibly flouts the verse chorus verse pop idiom in favour of all out destructive assault, in short I fear we could go on to love them.

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