eat lights become lights

Eyed on a quietly sly posting by those Eat Lights Become Lights dudes, fairly certain this hasn’t appeared previously on anything release wise despite the posting date clearly indicating it’s a year old. Anyway a little early call treat and a chance to peak into their secret sound lab to see what’s being cooked up new album session wise via the unveiling of a demo take of ‘nature reserve’ – a crafty earworm that insidiously burrows its way into your head space to retool, polish and recalibrate as were lost La Dusseldorf-ian lunar chassis templates. Imparting a classically eared kosmiche vintage this honey veers from dreamy orbital lullaby call signs to motoric maxima in a single gear shift its twinkling tonalities dissipating seductively to reveal an acutely arresting star gazed binary bop grooving as though the handiwork of some cosmically tripping aural docking tryst enacted by Slipstream and Fly.


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