ian hawgood

I’m fairly certain we’ve featured Ian Hawgood previously, yet a quick rummage through the search engine vaults suggests otherwise. Still this is quite simple exquisite and something that should by rights appeal to those attuned to the grooves crafted by the likes of Wil Bolton, David A Jaycock, Oliver Cherer and many more besides. Out via folk reels from a set entitled ‘sketches by the sea’ this is ‘liberty restrained’ which I must admit caught our ear initially mainly due to its expressive openness and sense of a free spirited nature, both intimate and inviting its deft strum shimmers coax a dreamy delirium that hints at times of the more measured and isolated moments of Yellow6’s recent back catalogue not to mention evoking the tranquil faraway drifts of Vini Reilly, yet draw up a little closer and amid the chiming bird calls and the soft serene ebb and flow of wave patterns a lushly colourful portrait of landlocked hideaways peppered in greens, yellows and blues is imagined with rich sensitive artistry that may well appeal to admirers of the floral posies dinking the ‘wicker man’ soundtrack. https://folkreels.bandcamp.com/album/sketches-by-the-sea

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