melmoth the wanderer – the after school club

70’s children’s TV was a scary place, locked in a past ghouled in legend, rumour and paganism and a future hinting of a new age yet periled by the danger and caution of the unknown, between wizards and space monsters. And while most might these days be considered a kitsch folly and the preserve of those to invest spare cash in reliving their child hood through the purchase of DVD sets its often their theme tunes that have long since lodged in the psyche, theme tunes that were more often than not more memorable than the shows they back dropped. These legendary themes poured their macabre through the idiot box, ghostly lullabies and woozy fairground recitals danced an eerie jig with cold wave dystopian future sounds and ghost lights from the twilight, they hinted adventure, mystery, bewitchment and beyond, one distant whiff of ‘Armchair Thriller’ has me at an instant connecting to my 5 year old self peeking out from behind the sofa through fingers of hands covering my face. It’s a hauntologist playground ripe for the picking of weird ear alchemist Melmoth the Wanderer who ventures forth with his wobble-o-meter to craft a fracturing daydream of eerie tea time disturbia for a half hour soiree entitled ‘the after school club’ wherein blurs and echoes the manifestation of sound ghosts from the goggle box of days gone past from timeslip to tomorrow people and wurzel to box of delights and more besides.

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