Despite the eager expectancy lavished in patrolling the letter box in the hope of goodies from the label arriving in the gaff, to date we have for our troubles been rewarded with cramp and a crooked spine not to mention receipt of a restraining order from our mail man who has on occasions resulting from desperation found himself accosted with questions as to the whereabouts of said goodies. Ah well we live in hope and for now, though still on the naughty step so to speak, oh how can we resist them when they sneak out gems like this ‘un, the latest lovely from Castles in Space comes in the shape of a debuting full length platter by Correlations entitled ‘before the heat’. Indeed regular visitors may recall us mentioning this lot a little over a month ago, this very track in fact, here spruced up and given the extended tweaking and sounding for all the world like a mellowing and softly cured pop purred lunar classicist slow burning nugget deftly drawn as though a hitherto mid-way sonic intersection point where free school, fort dax, dark captain light captain, sennen, art of the memory palace and fort dax all converge. For added measure dare we omit to mention its tailored trimming of svelte pulsar murmurs, cosmic pastorals and distractively sublime serene melodic etchings.



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