musical interlude – found sound and vision 10 – Sigur Ros

Musical interlude – found sound and vision 10 – Sigur Ros

I’ll be openly honest in saying that Sigur Ros have rarely bothered our hi-fi in recent years, you might say its snobbery, on our part but we’d defend ourselves in saying there was always something else to listen to, and well let’s be straight here, they never quite made the beat of our heart stop anything quite like the first time we heard ‘Svefn-g-englar’ – I remember the time as though it was yesterday, a low point in my life, homeward bound from a late night at work making my way down a lonely escalator of Liverpool Central station, a cassette in my bag had been languishing there for days, sent ahead by the guys at Losing Today, they’d been a little mystified by its contents and thought I might like a listen – of course it was the album ‘Agaetis Byrjun’ – it was this track in particular – a rare moment in pop where you’re touched by something truly God like evoking memories of the first time I’d encountered the Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance – to name just two – sublime, stately and tear stained in hope, here was something softly bathed in the kind of silent reverence and elegance that pop rarely ever dares touch. Under its spectral spell I was transported to a different place. A true fork in the road moment.

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