the truth about frank / the one eyed tricycles

A much welcomed message from Ian of the Truth About Frank telling us that they’re busy recording material for near future release, though before that alerting us to the small though consequential that a new Nektar 2017 has just appeared on the archive site – volume 8 no less – upon which they contribute a newly peeled track entitled ‘soul hunger’. Unless my ears do detect, the Frank ones appear to be straying slightly misty eyed into pop terrains, well by their standards at least, a hypno grooving psychotronic Dadaist beauty by our reckoning oozed in their typically weirdly wired schizoid visioning, mooching with almost pathological glee like some oddly pop prettified dream machine worked by a youthful Clinic under the watchful instruction of Psychic TV which let’s face it is a good thing right. As to the rest of the compilation, okay at 117 tracks in length we are going to have to work through this in a piecemeal fashion, so expect the odd impromptu re-visitation just when you least expect it, however for now we’d like to draw your ear gaze to the excellently named the one eyed tricycles whose ‘where the baby is?’ is one of those moments of oddly shaped surrealist goonery that oft invaded the playlists of the much missed BBC Radio 3 ‘mixing it’ show many years ago causing the raising of critical eyebrows and studio squabbles between the hosts Mark Russell and the late Robert Sandall. Of course admirers of the sounds tripping out of the sound houses of those impish souls Bearsuit records might equally delight in its playful Volcano the Bear-esque musical mischief making not to mention its slightly deranged eerie manipulation fracturing.

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