stefano leproto

One of those releases that we here suspect ought by rights to appeal to those of you fully subscribing to the vintage grooves emanating from out of such esteemed sound houses as ghost box, polytechnic youth and patterned air, this little curio was stumbled across on a ramble around bandcamp – the backstory being a recently found forgotten soundtrack composed by Stefano Leproto sometime in the early 80’s. okay its heads out of Preston which I’m fairly certain rules this out from being one of the many alter egos of Midwich Youth Club (though the sleeve design has me thinking – well maybe) this cassette – which we are gathering is in a strictly limited pressing is entitled ‘dance and mood music 1981 – 83’ of which two tracks have been made available as showcase treatments as were – both very much skirting into the terrains of the aforementioned Midwich Youth Club though leaning ever more into the eerie twilight soundtracks dreamt up by the likes of Villa9 crew and Klaus morlock, ‘love theme from Sewer Baby’ particularly chiming to the former with its ghost light seduction and sounding more late 70’s Hammer Horror than Radiophonic Workshop albeit haloed in the kind of cool late 60’s mystery melody that greeted Edwin Astley’s more out there scores for ITC (a la Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)). All said we here are quite fond of ‘theme from black pyramid’ with its mooching pulsars navigating and reinventing strange sound worlds as though 70’s French electro dudes Space had been commissioned to sonically choreograph the ‘Quatermass’ TV series.


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