And talking of Villa9, a by chance happening that we tripped over this, obviously we’ve fallen off their love list of late. Villa9 as you all should know is the secret lair of the goat man and the seventh cyrkle among the many as well as magus whose ‘kensington gore’ TV series has just been lovingly exhumed, sprayed down and spruced up for audio admiration. Now from a personal point of view we here are really loving the whole structure and vintage sound of these soundtracks – the little touches such as the Villa 9 ident hark and echo back to the Gerry Anderson TV21 trademarks, admirers of the much missed Shado imprint from Italy will equally sigh to the abundant harpsichord motifs while anyone obsessed in late 60’s ITC TV soundtracks will be left swooning in the aisles, ‘inside the dream house’ particularly nodding to the Mysterons motifs that spirited throughout Captain Scarlett. With an acute ear for late 60’s / early 70’s futuristic spy themes – I mean Astley and Gray are all over this there’s even a brief passing nod to Space 1999 via ‘the intruders’ while ‘speed chaser’ is so Patrick Williams ‘streets of san fransisco’ meets Roy Budd ‘get carter’ that it might take a quick double glance to convince you otherwise. ‘psychic machine’ is pure vintage Delia goonery while the psychotronic ‘inner dimensions’ is a pure slice of dream dazed disturbia that takes you to places existing between wake and sleep with ‘beyond the mind’s eye’ providing for a devilishly eerily surreal mind wiping slo-mo psi-psyche mosaic straight out of the Barry Gray ‘UFO’ bottom drawer.


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