rob clarke and the wooltones

More head turning groove with the appearance on our sound player of a smoking cool twin set from Scouse rapscallions Rob Clarke and the Wooltones. By our reckoning ‘iron eyes cody’ may well be coolest thing in pop land this side of the Hanging Stars debut full length, mellowed in the softening haze of sun filtered west coast after glows and the bliss fused kiss of lazy eyed inclines trimmed in the coalescing caress of fuzzy kaleidoscopic arrests and the laid back purr of campfire conversations, this hushed honey trips to a lost 60’s mosaic colourfully primed in Byrds-ian and Monkees motifs. Over on the flip the ‘horse opera’ variant of the same cut, rather more an instrumental revamp teasingly trip-a-delically tailored in a subtle hip shimmying glam grooved mid-west tangy sassiness. Essential as if you hadn’t already gathered.

Iron Eyes Cody Single cover art 

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