One of the key note releases of this celebratory and hectic 454545 release schedule is the appearance of Junkboy. Release #42 finds Hanscomb’s Rich and Mik recalibrating a brace of lost Azimuth Co-Ordinator tracks into two dream weaving lovelies, ‘fulfil’ – a rephrasing of ‘the JR Control’ – originally recorded in 2001 – is succulently serviced by an exquisitely mellowing sea breeze lilt whose dream woven pastoral posies sneak silkily between the soft translucent divides that separate a lazy eyed yellow6 and a thoughtful David A Jaycock. Over on the flip ‘streets of dobuita’ – a retelling of ‘to the right of your picture you will see a man smiling’ is a breathless flutter by, a momentary stepping out from the maddening chatter of life to pause, rest and sit in a secret secluded place of solitude and peace to beneath a tree and watch the world pass by. Adorable in short.

The last scheduled release of this mammoth year-long project is PhilMRiot’s ‘time for riot’ – just out in fact – after that the catalogue will be deleted – all enquiries / information – go to http://www.345rpm.co.uk/catalogue-1.html and http://www.345rpm.co.uk/454545.html

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