stella diana

I’ll have to regretfully admit to not having any information or worse still any idea how we came to stumble upon this little gem, but to use common parlance it’s a ‘bit of a good ‘un’. Now don’t quote me on this but I think they may hail from Italy – though I’m sure I’ll get grumbling emails saying otherwise. This folks is Stella Diana and this babe is a cut lifted from a debuting release ‘Nitocris’ entitled ‘Sulphur’ – a gorgeously softly fracturing dream drifting love note which in truth sounds for all the world like a cruise controlling Victories at Sea, All at once majestic, aching and panoramic, this honey just smoulders and shimmers emitting delicate psychotronic distress calls all the time crushed and yearned in a gloriously hushed tapestry of celestial cosmic rushes which had we not known any better would have mistaken it for a purring pulsar issued forth by a bruised returning a flock of seagulls retooled by a coolly withdrawn Kitchens of Distinction.

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