An album ‘fun with music’ approaches, it promises to be non-conformist, resolutely avoiding type cast or category, its authors surrealist imps aPAtT are, one might suspect, orphans of Vivian Stanshall, admirers of Zappa, more so peerless without equal or likeness, they marshal a sonic hidey hole that manifests with schizoid zeal ignoring the expect rule book preferring to puzzle, bewilder and confuse not only their fan base, obviously, but more likely perhaps themselves. Their sound, strange and crooked at their most lucid, deranged sore thumbs at their most wilful, indiscipline is the new discipline in aPAtT world, musical magpies stitching together what might first appear as ill-fitting melodic mosaics yet under their watchful eye rendered into nonsensical sense, a warped macabre freak musical if you must. ‘give my regards to Bold St’ from said imminent full length of fried freakiness is a three movement mirage of curios, initially demurred in the kind of enchanted florals that once upon a time became a trademark of Ooberman, it then without warning or hint zig zags oddly into the woozy non the less sultry worlds of jazz noir before decamping into Oriental realms wherein the dreamy tinkering of bowed chimes soon maddeningly morphs into a darkening chamber orchestration that sounds like the results of an evening long studio lock in pairing together John Lurie and Barry Adamson. https://soundcloud.com/apatt/gives-my-regards-to-bold-st

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