musical interlude – found sound and vision 11 – ‘thunderball’

Musical interlude – found sound and vision 11 – ‘Thunderball’…..

Always been obsessed with the Bond soundtracks, John Barry’s finest work was committed to these iconic mosaics, meticulous, intricate and lush, he perfected the ability of sculpturing sound that accentuated and described the imagery at play, for most ‘goldfinger’ might be the favoured of the dozen or so he scored whether that be the stricken tension unfolding from ‘golden girl’ or the gorgeously Herrmann-esque flotillas that dimple ‘pussy galore’s flying circus’ whilst not forgetting the energised razzmatazz of ‘into miami’, and yes we could mention Matt Munro’s uber cool ‘from Russia with love’ the space flight docking sequences of ‘you only live twice’ not to mention Nancy Sinatra’s formidable title take or indeed the strangely loose set that accompanied ‘diamonds are forever’. However, the set we always find ourselves returning to is ‘Thunderball’ – maybe it’s the spectral oceanic motifs of ‘finding the plane’ or ‘search for the vulcan’, the exotica dream sequencing of ‘bond meets Domino’ or the heavily indented ‘007’ pipping throughout the epic pulse racing gusto of the militaristic ‘underwater mayhem’ whilst not forgetting to mention the kooky ‘death of Fiona’.

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