the magnificent tape band

Another of those happy curios we’ve oft stumbled across whilst rummaging through the musical thickets of band camp. This folks is the essential wax sounds of Leeds based collective the magnificent tape band – an operation headed up by Messrs Innes and Williams who on this occasion are ably aided and abetted by Rachel Modest. Capturing the feel and vibe of a late 90’s Birmingham scene – and here we are thinking L’Augmentation, Pram and Broadcast and courting a sultry cinematic noir tasting that hints of the mercurial appeal of classic Bond themes of yore, ‘patterns in my mind’ seductively weaves a curious out of step timeless tapestry trimmed in library lounge, jazz and 60’s noir colourings, at once you have to double take that it’s not some Superimposers alter ego at work culturing some strangely demurred Soundcarriers / Laetitia Stereolab sonic strain. Over on the flip ‘golden shades’ is the Ms Modest-less instrumental variant of the same cut. Absolutely essential ear gear.

Patterns In My Mind (Featuring Rachel Modest) cover art

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