tom furse vs. cavern of anti-matter

I guess you are all onto this and have long since overdosed yourselves on its cool cut cosmedilics to the point of stereophonic saturation, yet before we went off radar for a week or three this babe was getting things very groovy and spacy in the Sunday Experience listening space – did I say listening space – oh my we should have said shoe box, seriously – I can now claim to live in a place where you indeed do not have the space to swing a cat. Anyhow enough grumbling, this is the Horror’s Tom Furse, who fortunate for us listening, decided to take it upon himself to cobble together a rather nifty 17-minute dream draped distillation of the latest Cavern of Anti-Matter full length ‘void beats / invocation trex’ which let’s be honest all cool homes should already own – here re-imagined as ‘void beats minimix’ – Furse sets about doing one of those breeze block type rewires that used to grace mid 90’s Mary Ann Hobbs radio shows by the likes of death in vegas, the propellerheads and spiritualized, the final three minutes where everything goes ‘emperor tomato ketchup’ are alone worth the entrance fee.

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